Crew & Spectators

Racers – please share this info with any crew or spectators!

This race is considered mostly self-supported; the only people allowed to help racers are (1) other racers and (2) race volunteers.

Your racer will be disqualified if you do any of the following:

  1. Provide any kind of support other than cheering at any time during the race, whether it’s on the course, off the course, or at a checkpoint
  2. Enter the Ojibwa checkpoint – it’s small and therefore only racers and race volunteers are allowed inside; no exceptions
  3. Go upstairs at the Park Falls checkpoint; you are allowed to be inside the Gastropub public area but not upstairs; if you are in the pub waiting for your racer, please be respectful of the business – the food is great so be sure to support them!
  4. Call the race directors to ask where your racer is because their spot tracker stopped working or is stationary
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