Partner support is very important to us in our effort to provide you a great event. After all, winning something for your efforts and getting a chance at free schwag is what it's all about, right?  Well, maybe not, but it is a nice perk.  We commit to only work with Partners that are trusted and relevant to the Tuscobia Winter Ultra.   We feel the Tuscobia Winter Ultra attracts a special breed of athlete, and as such, our Partners should be special too.  As participants in something as off the wall as winter endurance racing, you are an important audience to our Partners, and we hope exposure to their products and services will directly and positively impact you.

Please think about supporting our Partners, either by visiting their establishments, purchasing their products, or just letting them know how much you appreciate their support.  

We are lucky to have such gracious Partners, especially the primary Run/Bike/Ski Partners, who are each donating 12 podium prizes (1,2,3; M/F; 80 and 160 distance) as either gift certs or prize packs.  

Tuscobia Winter Ultra - Partners:

2018 - (Dec 28-30):

RUN Partner:

Twin Cities Running CompanyTC Running Company has graciously supported Tuscobia since we took over in 2010, providing discounts to racers and gift certificates to our podium finishers in the RUN division.  TC Running is a prominent and trusted institution in the Minneapolis/St. Paul running scene, both on roads and trail,  and they can be seen volunteering at dozens of running events around the area.   Expertly staffed by some super fast guys and gals with real world running experienc,  TC Running will help you with all your year-round running footwear and clothing needs.  Special thanks to Kurt Decker and Adam Lindahl.

SKI Partner:
outthere-logo-sign (1)

Out There Nordic Sports and Camping Gear    is back as our Ski Partner and local expert resource.  Out There will be providing gift certificates to all the SKI division podium finishers, as well as providing support both pre-race and during the weekend.  Out There is located in Rice Lake, just a few minutes from the Tuscobia trail head.  Out There is offering 10% of anything on their website or in store.  We emailed the code to you.  Out There obviously carries all things nordic, but they also carry Northern Lites snowshoes, Altra shoes, frost tape and performance inner/outerwear appropriate for Tuscobia. Additionally, Out There is providing expert, condition specific, ski waxing for the event.  Contact them to make a reservation.  Nordic recreation is a way of life for Out There's Bjorn and Kristin and they instill this in their unique retail shop, based on traditional European Nordic shops.  Out There  promotes outdoor recreation year round, and believes in the idea that "The most important thing is not if you won or not, but if you got Out There!”  We agree!!


Born out of experience.
We believe a sense of adventure makes life better.  The bicycle can be so much more than just a bike;   it’s a path to new places, new people, and amazing experiences.
Salsa is Adventure by Bike.

Salsa has re-joined the Tuscobia Winter Ultra.  Back in 2011 when we made that last second decision to become RD's, Salsa was one of our very first Partners.  We are excited to have them back. As with all Partners, we strive to keep them relevant to winter, trusted and local when possible.  Salsa nails all three criteria perfectly.  ​For those that don't know, Salsa hails from Bloomington, MN and has been at the forefront of progressing the adventure of riding bikes in the cold and snow since the early years of fat bikes.

Salsa will be providing the Bike podium finishers with Salsa gear.   Additionally, Salsa is providing a very nice Raffle prize.  A complete EXP Series package valued at over $500

Supporting Partners:

RL logo no white

The Rice Lake Tourism Board has generously partnered with us to bring you "Chamber Bucks"! In lieu of a pre-race meal, we wanted to offer racers the chance to 'do their own thing' and support a range of local businesses. All racers will receive $10 in Chamber Bucks that can be spent at almost all establishments in Rice Lake (hotels, restaurants, stores, gas stations, etc.).

300-mile manLocal author and Senior Editor of Snowshoe Magazine, Phillip Gary Smith, has been associated with the Tuscobia race for several years. He is one of a handful of people to have completed the 35-mile course on snowshoes. Phillip generously donated copies of the latest edition of his book, 300-Mile Man (Triple Crown Edition). This book is a great read for anyone interested in the Tuscobia race and other winter events. Beware: you may be inspired to attempt even greater feats of endurance.  Get your copy here!

Empire Wool and Canvas Company - Kevin Kinney will donating a sweet piece of clothing to the raffle. The first year I participated in Arrowhead, 2011, temps dropped below -40 both nights. I credit Kevin and his products for keeping me alive and all my digits attached. I needed every bit of warmth and comfort the Big Mitts provided. Empire Wool is out of Duluth and is the kind of person/company I love to patronize. Everything designed, manufactured and tested in Duluth. Kevin will be participating in the 80 mile run this year.

Onyx Racing Products - Onyx is back again this year to support Tuscobia. Not only are their bike hubs beautiful, they are gloriously silent and have been designed to withstand the harsh conditions of winter. I personally use Onyx not only on my winter fatbike setup, but for my summer rigs as well. Once you experience instant engagement and total silence, it is pretty hard to consider anything else. Dan and owner Jim will be riding the 80 mile this year.

Northern Lites Snowshoes - Northern Lites and owner Jim York will be back this year to offer support on the trail. Jim is donating a pair Race Elite snowshoes with their new Speed Binding for the raffle. These amazing shoes are engineered and manufactured in New Richmond, WI.  Northern Lites is offering a 20% discount on orders at their site.  The promo code was emailed to you from us.  This is another brand (the Race model) that I always carry in my winter ultra travels, no matter the forecast. Remember that year at Arrowhead that didn't have snow in the forecast?? I still have nightmares because I didn't have snowshoes with me.

Enlightened Equipment - EE joins Tuscobia for the first time this year. They are based in Winona, MN and we are excited to have them on board. They have graciously donated a $100 gift card for the raffle. Also, EE is offering a discount code, to be used by registered racers only (no friends/family and purchases will be verified) on their website. The code was emailed to from us. This will provide a 10% discount. The code is good until January 6th. Additionally, EE will be running a special sale in November. Check back often to see the deals. ( TWU18 cannot be stacked on a sale price). Order quickly, they build to order. If you want something for Tuscobia you need to get on it!

NW Alpine - NW Alpine is another first time Partner for Tuscobia. They will be providing items for the raffle. We have run into them in and around the mountains in Bend (they meet the "local" requirement by way of local to us). NW Alpine designs and produces all their product in Oregon. They are dedicated to providing highly technical apparel and I have personally added their Belay Parka to my winter kit. They have big sale going on right now at their website.

Black Rock Gear - BRG is back again! Another "local" to us in Oregon, BRG has been supporting Tuscobia for years. Helen and I both have a number of their products and use them frequently in our outdoor pursuits. They design and manufacture all their product in Washington. I know many of you have and love their extremely lightweight products. BRG with will be providing items for raffle. They have recently launched a new merino head piece, the Wooly, to go with the highly acclaimed goose down hat.

Ames Adventure Outfitters - One of the family has recently started working with AAO and she has stepped up to support the Tuscobia family big time. The highly accomplished winter Hrimthurs inductee and all around amazing human, Kari Anne Gibbons, has worked to bring Altra and Rab to the Tuscobia scene. Kari worked with Bjorn (Out There) to organize the Tuscobia Prep events this fall and showcase the newest winter worthy shoe from Altra. Kari will be on the trail this year enjoying the journey of 160 miles on foot.

Adventure Running Co - Kim and Andy Holak of Adventure Running Co (and Wild Duluth and Last Man Standing race fame) are a new Partner this year and we are very excited. Kim and Andy are long-time friends and the events they organize are fantastic. I have run a few of their race events, and have helped them on two of their Wonderland Tour events. I highly recommend any of their running tours for an amazing running experience in some pretty cool places. Through their significant generosity, we have worked out a deal for Adventure Running Co to provide a raffle prize. The winner will receive a paid entry for any of their tours for 2018. The value of this prize could be worth up to $1,295!

Pharmaceutical Specialties Inc (Vaniply) -  We have your tender bits protected.  PSI is based in Rochester, MN and has agreed to provide every participant with a personal size tube of Vaniply for Tuscobia.  Additionally we will have a few bigger tubes at the checkpoints for your use.  For those of you that aren't familiar, Vaniply is the best option out there for preventing chaffing, hot spots and is a great protectant from the cold and wind for your face.  We have been using this for years - it just works!

Portland Design Works -  We worked with PDW last year to offer the Danger Zone  light for sale at gear check.  They are bright (two .5 watt led's)  and offer both seat post and strap mounts.  They run on 2 AAA batteries and claim a 50 hour run time.  I cannot verify the battery claim, so be sure to have spare batteries if you use this light.  We will have these available for purchase again.  And as a special treat, PDW is offering a 30% discount for Tuscobia participants.  The code was emailed to you.

Past Partners