ITI – Iditarod Trail Invitational

The Tuscobia 160 race (run, bike, or ski) is a qualifying event for the Iditarod Trail Invitational.  Please visit the ITI website for more information on how to apply for their legendary event.

The 2018 Tuscobia Winter Ultra will award one guaranteed ITI entry for the 2019 race to a 160 mile finisher.  ITI entries are hard to get, and cost $1,400 so this is a pretty big deal!

How the ITI entry will be awarded:

Male and Female winners from each discipline (run, bike, ski) in the 160 mile event will have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for the ITI entry.

Only winners that have a probable chance of actually using the entry will be included in the drawing.  If you know that you are unlikely to use the entry, we ask that you exclude yourself from the drawing, giving others the chance to use the entry.

The 160 mile distance must be completed and you must be given an official finish.

Any questions?  Let us know.

Previous Winners of the Tuscobia Winter Ultra ITI entry:

    • 2012 Tuscobia drawing for 2014 ITI – Jason Buffington, Bike
    • 2013 Tuscobia drawing for 2015 ITI – Jason Buffington, Run (yes, Jason won his race, and then the drawing, again)
    • 2014/15 Tuscobia drawing for the 2016 ITI – Sue Lucas, Run
    • 2016 Tuscobia drawing for the 2017 ITI – Daniel Powers, Ski (Daniel, who is from Fairbanks, AK, ended up entering and completing the 2016 ITI 350 mile – congrats Daniel!)
    • 2017 (January) Tuscobia entry for the 2018 ITI – Scott Hoberg, Run
    • 2017 (December)  – Paul Schlagel, Run

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