Our Story

Race directors Chris and Helen took on the race organization in 2011 at a time when Chris & Cooper (both big fans of winter) lived in Minneapolis and Helen was commuting to California.

2012 update: Chris (& Cooper) also moved to California where he now trains by pulling a sled on the sand.  Well, not really, but it sounds good.  Juneau has joined the mix as Cooper’s little, but spunky, sister.

2013 update: Chris and Helen got hitched.  Juneau has assumed her birthright as the princess of the household.

2014 update: Chris moved to Oregon for a summer of wild land firefighting. Helen wasn’t sure he was ever going to come back so she decided to move too, and commutes to CA for 2-3 days most weeks.

2015 update: Life in Bend, OR is about as good as it gets.

2016 update: as above

2017 update: as above

2018:  Helen travels more now than ever.  Bend is growing fast, but is still a pretty good place for us all.

2019: Cooper turned 10 this summer but acts like a puppy and never seems to tire! Juneau prefers to explore at her own pace and smell the roses… or pine cones and juniper. We are somewhere in the middle!

2020: That was unfortunate

2021: We can’t wait to see you all in December for our Tuscobia Family Reunion!

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  1. Paula says:

    Great timeline, great couple, great race! 🙂

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