The Order of the Hrimthurs

The Tuscobia Winter Ultra is the first event in an abominable three-part Winter Ultra series.

From the northern land of cold, ice and darkness come Hrimthurs (Old Norse “rime thurs”); a tribe of powerful Frost Giants. Strength, cunning and resilience are the way of the mighty Hrimthurs.

Among us today, the spirit of the Frost Giants lives on.  Winter ultra folks show perseverance and power of a legendary scale. Only those who complete the Tuscobia Winter Ultra (160 Mile), Arrowhead Ultra and Actif Epica (Long Distance)  in one season, we will confer The Order of the Hrimthurs.

The names in the Order will pass into the realm of legends, a process acknowledged with a special ceremony and award. Membership in this small but powerful tribe is a lifetime honor bestowed on incredibly few.

Think you have it in you to make it into the Order? You can register your ill-advised intentions with these stern and powerful overseers, but basically all you have to do is enter the three events and finish. It’s as easy – and as hard – as that. Those inducted into the order will receive a special award.