Pre-Race Updates

A few important updates –

  • 80-mile race will start from the St Anthony School / Church parking lot at 6th Ave & Division St. – this is the same location as the previous 2 years. However, the big difference is that this year we won’t have access to the school itself so you will not have a nice warm place to gather pre-race…
    • The church group will be providing coffee and baked goods to racers for free, on our behalf; spectators can make purchases
    • The bathrooms at the church may be open but don’t rely on this; if they are open, we ask that you are respectful of the space and only use them if absolutely necessary – and absolutely no gear, sleds or bikes inside
  • Parking for race weekend in Rice Lake will again be in the (now closed) Rainbow Home Store parking lot – across the trail from the KC Hall, on Hammond Ave. Please ensure you park in the designated area in the north west corner of the lot, closest to the KC Hall. No parking for racers at the KC Hall at any time Thursday through Sunday. As always, take care to avoid littering. We are grateful to the owners to allow us to use this space for the weekend.
  • Gear check will take place inside the KC Hall; no sleds or bikes are allowed inside the hall! Please bring ALL of your required gear into the hall. We know it’s a pain for bikers if you already have your lights attached to your bike, but we don’t have the time to run outside to check individual bikes.
  • 160-mile checkpoint in Park Falls – directions are posted here.
    • The checkpoint is in the Park Falls Gastropub (formerly the CCC bistro that hosted us the first few years we did the race start/finish in Park Falls)
    • Local veteran volunteer Gail Boushon will again be running the checkpoint
    • Space is limited and the pub will be open for business during the race so please be respectful – no bikes or sleds allowed inside and limit the amount of gear brought inside
    • Food and beverages will be provided to racers and pub menu items can be purchased
    • Sleeping space upstairs, yes, stairs are a bit cruel after 80 miles!
    • Note: you must check in and out! Even if you don’t need to stop – just pop your head in the door and make sure the volunteer gets your race number
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