Required Gear

Participants: please review the list of required gear in detail!

Two specific items we want to highlight today:

(1) As in past years, we are passionate about having good lights. Both your main head/bike lights and your red blinky lights. Remember that it is equally important that these can be seen in daylight. While many red blinky lights show up well during the night, test yours in daylight also – especially on those grey winter days.

(2) Bivy sack – get a decent one – you are likely to only need it when things go to hell so make sure it will keep you dry in a snow bank, offer some warmth, and not tear easily when you accidentally stab it with your pole. We don't allow bivy sacks made from 'space blanket' material and have updated the required gear list to specify the SOL Emergency Bivy as an example of what is not allowed. The more durable SOLs are OK.

As always, email us at with any questions.

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