Registration is closed! (but…)

Registration closed on Dec 24th. We currently have just over 100 entrants in the “short” race and  80 in the “long” race. Everyone on the waitlist who wanted a spot has one and will be registered within the next few days. If you know of anyone else who missed registration, tell them to email us ( ASAP! Jan 2nd is the last day we can accept registrations before we start our drive across the country…

Anyone who happens to be on the Tuscobia trail, please post photos to the Facebook page or email them to us so that we can share here. I know everyone is anxious about the snow levels… looks like we should be OK but it will certainly be challenging terrain for all participants!

Keep an eye on your email over the next week, especially the 75-mile racers, as we finalize logistics for the race, bus transportation etc.

Email us with questions, no matter how random. And please, please, please read the website and especially the race rules. They are not that extensive but they are important. It’s no fun for anyone if a racer gets disqualified.

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