GPS Tracking (demo by

The Tuscobia Winter Ultra is participating in a beta test with  This test includes putting Spot GPS trackers on racers, or letting them use their personal Spot beacons, and then updating a map of the Tuscobia Winter Ultra course.  This will allow spectators with internet access to follow the race in near-real time (5 minute updates from tracking devices to satellites).  This technology is pretty amazing, but does not work 100% of the time.  Please do not worry if a particular racer does not appear to be moving.  The GPS trackers we will be placing with the racers do not have SOS capability, they are only trackers.

We are testing the Trackleaders system with mostly the 150 mile racers, and not all racers will be participating in this test.  Be aware that this test is not providing official progress/results.  The Tuscobia “2014 Live Tracking” document is the official results document, and is subject to change as needed.

Click on the link below to view the map of those being tracked: