General Information

The Tuscobia Winter Ultra is a human powered run, bike or ski event held on the Tuscobia State Trail in Northern Wisconsin… in the middle of winter (read – on snow/ice/slush covered trails). Participants can compete in the 160-mile or 80-mile event. The 160-mile event requires qualification – see below.

All distances are semi-supported. This means that while we will provide some food/drinks at the checkpoints, do not rely on us having what you need – it is your responsibility to be self-sufficient and ensure you have enough calories and hydration. Patronizing local businesses is encouraged (be respectful of the space, don’t drag wet gear inside, don’t spread your stuff everywhere) and in that respect racers may use product/services of local businesses as long as no race rules are broken. But no other outside help, crews, or pacers is allowed. NONE. Racers may help racers.  Even at checkpoints you may only receive aid from volunteers or other racers, and not from friends or family.

Run, Bike or Ski is defined as running, biking or skiing. If you aren’t sure your mode of transport fits the definition, it probably doesn’t. You are welcome to do the race via some other non-motorized mode (e.g., kicksled) and record a time, but will be considered in the “open” category, for which there are no prizes (sponsors welcome if they would like to step up) and “open” category participants will not be eligible for the ITI entry.

Note that any racer may use snowshoes at any time during the race. If you cover then entire distance in snowshoes you will be recorded as a run finisher and therefore eligible for all prizes in this category, including ITI entry.

The 160 mile event is an out and back – Rice Lake to Park Falls and back to Rice Lake.

The 80 mile event is a point to point from Park Falls to Rice Lake.  Bus transportation is available for the 80 mile participants, and a trailer for their gear, the morning of the event, from Rice Lake to Park Falls.  Space is limited.

160-mile Qualification

160-mile racers must have previously completed one of the following events:
– Tuscobia 160/150/80/75 mile
– Arrowhead 135 mile
– Iditarod Trail Invitational 130/350/1000 mile
– Actif Epica (and distance)
– Fat Pursuit 200 km / mile
– Frozen Otter 64 mile
– Triple D 100 km
– Susitna 100 mile
– White Mountains 100 mile
– Yukon 100/300 mile
– 6633 Arctic Ultra
– Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic
– Rovaniemi 150/300 km

DO NOT register for the 160-mile event if you have not completed one of the above.


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