Course & Checkpoints

The race is held on the Tuscobia State Trail in northern Wisconsin, between Rice Lake and Park Falls, including a 4-mile section of the Wild Rivers State Trail connecting the town of Rice Lake to the Tuscobia State Trail.

Trail conditions will depend on snowfall in the weeks and days leading up to the event. Expect a mix of conditions along the trail with some rough snow, icy patches and even some dirt. The trail may or may not be groomed for snowmobile traffic, depending on snow depth.

The following information is written for the 160-mile out and back route. If you are doing the 80-mile race, you will be starting in Park Falls.

Rice Lake section: the 160-mile race will start on the Wild Rivers trail at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at North St. & Nuun Ave. Continue north on the trail for 4 miles at which point you will turn right and cross County Road SS (just before the Hwy 53 underpass) onto the Tuscobia Trail and head east… for 74 miles. Check it out on Google maps – see image below. The turn will be signed but in the event a sign goes missing you need to remember which direction to turn!!


Note: the first few miles heading east on the Tuscobia Trail are shared with the Ice Age Trail.

Ojibwa Shelter Checkpoint: the checkpoint is approximately 1/4 mile off the Tuscobia trail in the Ojibwa Country Park. It will be an out and back trail to the checkpoint. There are at least two trails that link the Tuscobia trail to the park. We will use the west trail – i.e., the trail closest to Rice Lake. The turn off will be signed but in the event a sign goes missing you need to remember which direction to turn!! Click here to see the turn-off on Google maps. The checkpoint is in the shelter on the north side of the parking lot. Below is a marked up image. For spectator access, the Ojibwa County Park is 1 mile east of the town of Ojibwa, along Hwy 70.


Park Falls Gastropub Checkpoint: the Tuscobia trail finishes on the edge of town approximately a half mile from the checkpoint & turnaround point for the 160-mile race. There will be flagging and some signs along this section of city streets but please click here and review the map, along with Google maps to make sure you are familiar with the course.

Repeat the above in reverse!

Finish Line: We hope it will be impossible for anyone to miss the finish line. Do not leave the Wild Rivers trail until you see the finish line!!

Checkpoint Rules:

  • Ojibwa Shelter: no sleeping inside! No supporters inside!
  • Park Falls Gastropub: sleeping allowed upstairs in the designated area; no sleeping in the pub area downstairs. Supporters allowed in the pub area (and encouraged to sample the great beer & food) but not upstairs.
  • Racers may purchase food in Park Falls (crew is not allowed to purchase food for racer)
  • Racers must provide their own vessels for eating/drinking (expect for purchased food in Parks Falls Gastropub)
  • No bikes or sleds inside either checkpoint
  • Gear is allowed inside
  • Shake off snow/ice before going inside
  • Please abide by these rules and don’t make the volunteers’ job even harder!

Course Rules: All racers must stay on the Tuscobia & Wild Rivers State Trails at all times, unless course markings placed by race officials direct you otherwise (for checkpoints, or reroutes that may be necessary). Parts of the Tuscobia & Wild Rivers State Trails will cross roads, and will also run on roads, and you should follow the trail/road in this case. But diverting to a road that is near the trail is not okay. Of course, you may leave the trail to access a bathroom or gas station etc. – just make sure you rejoin the trail at the same point you exited.

Approximate Distances between Checkpoints

  • Rice Lake start – Ojibwa checkpoint = 45 miles
  • Ojibwa checkpoint – Park Falls turnaround = 35 miles
  • Park Falls turnaround / start – Ojibwa checkpoint = 35 miles
  • Ojibwa checkpoint – Rice Lake finish = 45 miles

Local Businesses: If you need to grab food/water along the way, you will have easy access to gas stations and bars (during their opening hours) in the following towns:

  • Birchwood ~16.5 miles east of Rice Lake start/finish
  • Radisson ~6 miles west of Ojibwa checkpoint
  • Winter ~4.5 miles east of Ojibwa checkpoint
  • Loretta / Draper ~20 miles east of Park Falls

Maps: A Tuscobia Trail map can be found here. There is also a map which shows mileage between towns along the trail: Tuscobia State Trail Map