Tuscobia 2020

Yes – it’s the “2020” event after all!

With a limit of 50 people starting each day, we opted to start the 160 mile run/ski on Thursday Dec 31st. Happy New Year!!

Read the last post below AND all of the “General Info” pages prior to signing up.

Sign-up opens today at 6pm CST and will remain open for over a week. Email us with any questions: tuscobia@gmail.com

IMPORTANT! Along with the many changes this year, one limitation we will have is picking up drops – it is very likely that if you drop you will be picked up by a snowmobile and not a nice warm truck. So think about this before you make that decision. We will have a limited number of volunteers picking up drops by vehicle and we are only allowing one person per vehicle to ride back to Rice Lake. This means that how ever you get picked up, you will be waiting on the trail for some time. Be prepared for this – ensure you have the gear to stay warm on the trail for an extended period. Better yet, have the gear AND just keep moving forward.

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